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Citarella Panettone Tradizonale in Gift Tin
Imported Sardines
Spanish Mackerel Whole
Skate Fillet
European Anchovies
Make Your Own Ceviche Kit
Bluefish Fillet
Tilefish Fillet
Sea Urchins
Prince Edward Island Mussels
Tuscan Branzino Whole
Catfish Fillet
Smoked Nova Salmon
Frog Legs
Manila Clams
Grouper Whole
Turbot Whole
Striped Bass Whole
Large Shrimp
Large Lobster, 2.25 lb ea
Hybrid Striped Bass Whole
Grated Bottarga
Cod Fillet
Hardshell Crab - USA, Wild, 1 dozen
Bad Boy Oysters, Nova Scotia, In shell, 2 dozen
Rock Shrimp
Kumamoto Oysters - Shucked
Sea Trout Whole
Cooked Octopus Tenderized Legs
Organic King Salmon Fillet
Organic Salmon Fillet
King Salmon Fillet
Cherrystone Clams
Tasmanian Trout Whole
Pike Whole
Fishers Island Oysters - Shucked, Shells On Side
Nantucket Bay Scallops - USA, Wild
Scungilli (Conch)
Lobster - Fresh, Wild-Caught, 1.5 lb.
Butterfish Whole
Swordfish Steaks
Fishers Island Oysters
Tuna Steak
Orata Fillet (Dorade)
Striped Bass Fillet
Small Steamed Lobsters
Wellfleet Oysters - Shucked, Shells On Side
Jumbo Shrimp
Lucky Lime Oysters - Shucked, Shells On Side, 2 dozen
Carp Whole
New Zealand Red Snapper Whole
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat
Marinated Swordfish Kebabs
Whiting Whole
Rainbow Trout Whole
Sea Scallops
Coho Salmon Fillet
Red Snapper Fillet
White Sturgeon Caviar 50 gr / 1.75 oz
Peconic Oysters
Cockles - New Zealand, Hardshell
Uni East Coast (Shelled Sea Urchin) - USA, Wild, 130 grams
Blowfish Tail
Spanish Mackerel Fillet
Smoked Trout Fillet
Alaskan King Crab Legs & Claws
Osetra Caviar 50 gr / 1.75 oz
Salmon Roe 115 gr / 4 oz
Stone Crab Claws
Porgies Whole
Joe Knows Fish
Halibut Fillet
Bad Boy Oysters - Shucked
Flounder Fillet
Shrimp Kebobs
Whitefish Whole
Large Steamed Lobsters
Black Sea Bass Whole
Clam Bake
Cooked Fresh Lobster Meat
White Sturgeon Caviar 500 gr
Cherrystone Clams - Shucked, 1 dozen
Rainbow Trout Fillet
Cooked Madagascar Organic Shrimp
Bad Boy Oysters Shucked, Shells On Side
Monk Fish Fillet
Smoked Nova Salmon
John Dory Whole
Belon Oysters
Large Raw Cleaned Shrimp
Arctic Char Whole
Black Cod Whole
Sea Scallop Kebobs
Tasmanian Trout Fillet
Fresh Seafood Essentials Kit
Fluke Whole
Salmon Burger
Peconic Oysters Shucked, Shells On Side
Smoked Scottish Salmon
Scottish Gravlax
Little Neck Clams - USA, Shucked, Shells on Side
Tilapia Fillet
Little Neck Clams - USA, Live, In Shell
Black Sea Bass Fillet
Bluefish Whole
Lemon Sole Fillet
Joe's Raw Bar For 4
Baby Sepia
Lucky Lime Oysters Oysters - Canada, Wild, 2 Dozen
Pompano Whole
Kumamoto Oysters - USA, Wild, Shucked, Shells On Side, 2 dozen
Smoked Organic Salmon
Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon
Medium Shrimp
Grouper Fillet
Orange Roughy Fillet
Smoked Wild Coho Salmon
Ora King Salmon New Zealand
Plaice Fillet
Hake Fillet
Gambero Rosso
Baby Octopus
White Sturgeon Caviar 100 gr / 3.5 oz
Fluke Fillet
Madagascar Organic Shrimp
Little Neck Clams - USA, Shucked
Spiced Maryland Crabs
Tuscan Branzino Fillet
New York Finest
Smoked Scottish Salmon
Grey Sole Fillet
Citarella Mini Blinis
Pink Snapper Whole
Cherrystone Clams - USA, Wild, Shucked Shells on Side, 1 dozen
Icelandic Turbot Fillet
Uni West Coast (Shelled Sea Urchin) - USA, Wild, 100 grams
Cleaned Calamari Whole
Wellfleet Oysters
Mahi Mahi Fillet
Rouget Whole
Razor Clams
Periwinkle - USA, Wild
Wild Shad Roe
Flounder Whole
Arctic Char Fillet
Tilefish Whole
White Sturgeon Caviar 200 gr / 7 oz
Orata Whole (Dorade)
Peconic Oysters - Shucked
Fishers Island Oysters - USA, Shucked
Kumamoto Oysters - USA, Wild, In shell, 2 dozen
Crème Fraiche
Cuttlefish Ink
Sand Dab Fillet
Red Snapper Whole
Wellfleet Oysters - Shucked
Lobster Stock
Blackfish Fillet
Lucky Lime Oysters - Shucked
Dover Sole Whole
Cold Water Lobster Tail
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